6 Useful and Basic Rules For A Successful Marriage

6 Useful and Basic Rules For A Successful Marriage  

Nowadays, People don’t stay together for the long haul and are looking for excuses to exit their marriage. Girl, If one cup doesn’t make it from the counter to the sink we are headed for the door, honey! Marriage is a lot of work. Marriage doesn’t happen overnight,  even though that’s how it seems.  Yesterday a fiance, today a wife. Successful marriages have one simple thing; rules! A marriage without rules is one with loose cords. Marriages with strong foundations are built on firm marital agreements and structure. To build a home, you need specific tools, products, and the most important a blueprint. When things seem to go left, referring back to your marital blueprint, allows couples to rebuild on the strong foundation the relationship was built on. Yes, I know all marriages are different and based on beliefs, but here are some basic rules for a successful marriage to build on.

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What Makes A Good Marriage Partner?

Believe it or not, being a good marriage partner isn’t dependent on you or your husband being able to provide for one another. Gifts are such a small piece of marriage.  Marriage is built on trust. As a wife, our ability to put our trust into the hands of our husband is key. You become a good wife when you put your faith into the marriage and allow yourself to be vulnerable in all areas.  Not only that but also allowing your spouse to share their weaknesses and shortcomings with you as well. Remember a successful marriage doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process. Girl, I’m 7 years into my marriage and I’m still learning things about my husband. Now marriage isn’t all peaches and cream, there are roads in a marriage where the trust will be tested and it might even fail. But its never giving up on each other despite how crazy things get. Girl, you’ve got to get up every day and keep the bottom from falling out.

Why are rules in marriage important?

As stated previously, a marriage without rules is loose cords. What do I mean? I’m glad you asked. Ecclesiastes 4:12 states, Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not easily broken. Marriage is the interconnection of two individuals plus faith, I.e. a threefold cord. When faith is included in marriage, some rules need to be followed; starting with the vows or promises made to your spouse before God. Your vows are the most important. To trust, to cherish, in sickness and in health; those are rules. When I married my husband we vowed or agreed to love and cherish each other till death do us part. The agreements you make to each other should not be broken. To fulfill those vows / marital goals, there are bullet points or basic rules that allow you to reach the main goal; a long-lasting successful marriage.  

What Are Basic Rules in Marriage?

*Note: These rules are my opinion and are based on my personal experiences within my marriage*

Keep God First

Marriage is noble in the sight of God. Marriage should be built on a strong foundation in Christ. It is in hard times that you will appreciate having a higher source to rely on. Prayer is such a huge part of marriage and will help to reveal the intentions of one’s heart. We can honor God with our marriages by keeping our promises.

Always Be Honest with Your Spouse

One lie can damage many years in a relationship. Ladies remember trust is key. If you are offended in marriage or you dislike something, please be honest with your husband. Our spouses are not mind readers and they can only adjust and address what is brought to their attention.

Do Not Bring Up Past Disagreements

I cannot stress this enough! Once you have a disagreement with your spouse and the two of you address the issue, if you guys have found common ground, please do not bring up the disagreement again. If you are not settled with the outcome, express to your husband that you are not in agreement at the time of the argument. As time goes on bringing up old altercations can be tainted with forgetfulness.

Tell Your Spouse About Past Encounters

I am a firm believer that once everything is on the table marriage can be free and more enjoyable. No matter how unpleasant or disturbing things may sound, you must have all of your husband and vice versa; that includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. Grit your teeth and keep it moving!

Don’t Go To Bed Mad

According to Everyday Health, “couples who hold in their anger have a shorter life span than those who readily say when they’re mad.” Anger bottled up is a silent killer, it creeps up on you and weakens your immune system and causes heart disorders.  Anger is unnecessary when comparing it to your life, or the life of your spouse. Girl, save yourself the drama, don’t go to bed mad!

Always Keep Your Friends and  Family Out of Your Business

One huge mistake couples make is including close loved ones into marital issues. Not only is it unhealthy, but it creates a great deal of animosity within the marriage. Remember trust is key and no spouse wants to feel like they are being ganged up on by people outside the union. However, if you are in a marriage where abuse is prevalent, obviously this would not apply.

Marriage is one of the greatest privileges. However, marriages aren’t built in a day. It takes much time and effort to have a successful marriage, and every marriage built on strong marital foundations is a marriage built to last.

May you find this post to be a blessing.

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