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Welcome to Takia Sharee. Takia Sharee is dedicated to providing financial education to married women who want to be active in their family’s financial future. 

When you visit the blog you’ll find practical advice on earning, spending, budgeting, saving, and protecting your family’s finances as woman of the house. 

Hey friend!  My name is Takia. I am a wife, mother to four awesome children, business partner, and lover of all things pink and green! 

As a wife and work from home mom I found myself relying on my husband to take care of the major financial responsibilities ,while I  focused on taking care of my children.

As woman of the house you  should realized that your lack of financial confidence could be hurting your finances rather than helping, by staying away. 

It wasn’t until I made the decision to be co-pilot in our financial future, instead of passenger,  that we were able to reduce our debt and pay off loans. “Our goal is to help you “take it personal”, and become more confident in your finances as lady of the house. “

 What to Expect from Takia Sharee:

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  • Financial Basics 
  • Make Money Online 
  • Save Money 
  • Budget Money 
  • Money Mindset 
  • Work at Home Mom
  • Personal Development 
  • Motherhood &
  • Faith. 

Now by all means, I don’t have it all together I’m am still trying to find ways to heal adolescent eczema and manage my son’s picky eating! 

But we are in this together girl!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you stick around for more of what’s to come. 

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