The 10 Best Thanksgiving Day Traditions Your Family Will Love

The 10 Best Thanksgiving Day Traditions Your Family will Love

From generation to generation, family traditions are the memories that connect the family together. Traditions have a way of telling life-long stories that remind us of our families history and customs. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to pull out those old family recipes, watch old holiday films, and make lasting memories for the years to come. Here I’ll be sharing the 10 best thanksgiving day traditions your family will love.

My Thanksgiving Day Morning Tradition

Growing up my family would wake up every Thanksgiving morning at 5am to get dressed and head to our local farmer’s market. It was usually 30 degrees or less and I probably had on 3 layers of clothes just to keep from freezing to death. My sister and I would grab a cup of hot chocolate from one of the market vendors and shop all the tables until our feet hurt. I remember shopping for fuzzy socks, thermals, knock off Louis Vuitton bags, perfume, and the most adorable winter fashion scarfs.

We would end our trip to the farmers market eating cheese fries and shish kabobs as we headed back to the car.  No matter how cold it was or how early we had to wake up, it will always be a memorable Thanksgiving morning tradition.

 The Best Things To Do on Thanksgiving

1. Visit Local Farmers Market

I absolutely adore the farmers market. The farmers market is great place to spend quality time with your family. Not to mention the food and the cheap deals is icing on the cake.

2. Volunteer at a Local Shelter

Volunteering at a local shelter is a great Thanksgiving day family tradition. Serving those who are in need, not only makes for great memories together but also helps us appreciate our many blessings.

3. Give away a Thanksgiving Basket to Family in Need

This has always been one of the most heart- felt thanksgiving traditions. I can remember my grandfather standing on the back of his truck bringing all the turkeys in his church as my grandmother packed boxes for needy families in the neighborhood. Find a family in need that you can help this Thanksgiving, you’ll be happy you did. Basket give-a-ways are one of the many meaningful things to do on Thanksgiving.

4. Watch The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

I absolutely adore the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. All the of the cool floats, the singers and dancers, and the celebrities brings such a joy to me during the holiday season. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2020 will air Nov. 26th at 9am. Although it will be virtual experience and won’t have a massive crowd of people cheering,

it is still a fun thanksgiving morning tradition.

5. Family Cook Off

Everybody has that one specialty dish that they think is better than everyone else’s. Thanksgiving is a perfect holiday to test out your mac and cheese recipe up against the families reigning champ. Check out Pinterest for inspiration for this year’s Thanksgiving day recipes.

6. Watch NFL Football Games

Football, Family, and Food is my favorite Thanksgiving Day tradition. It’s something about sports and games that can elevate any family gathering. Thanksgiving Day Football games are a “must-do” in my book of Thanksgiving Day traditions.

7. Go to the Movie Theater

Thanksgiving Day Movies are the best. After you’ve eaten your meal and took an hour nap, it’s time to head out to the movie theater. Going to the movies on Thanksgiving is a great family tradition because it creates unforgettable experiences.

8. Pick a Tree from a Local Nursery

This tradition is huge in many families. Taking your family out to pick the perfect tree is a great thanksgiving morning tradition. The perfect tree isnt just about the tree itself but the person/ people you are with.

9. Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is nothing like it use to be because many people shop online. However, waiting in line at 11pm on Thanksgiving night, for the midnight Black Friday deals is a great tradition to start. I use to love waiting out in the cold for the latest toy or tv with my family. Click here to see my thanksgiving day shirt!

10. Decorate for Christmas

This is one tradition ill always cherish. Trimming the tree, sitting under the fire place, and eating the gourmet popcorn from a can while the Christmas lights hummed jingles is a great way to end Thanksgiving. After all, waking up the day after Thanksgiving to the Christmas tree was a clear indication the best time of year was finally here.

The Best 10 Thanksgiving Day Traditions Your Family will love starts with spending the holiday with you.

May you find this post to be a blessing.

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