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Important Things Every Mom Should Do Before Monday

Important Things Every Mom Should Do Before Monday  

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Are you the mom that dreads getting up Monday morning? Does it seem like there just isn’t enough coffee to help you tackle your crazy week? In this post, I am sharing important things every mom should do before Monday. 

For many people, Monday is the hardest most stressful day of the week, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are a wife and mother you know that Mondays aren’t easy, and for me, that means lots of coffee and slow-moving little ones.

The weekends are full of family fun and Mondays aren’t anything fun at all. The worst part about Monday is that it’s like getting to the store and realizing you don’t have your mask in a worldwide Covid pandemic and driving back home only to get stuck in traffic. Mondays are the worst, and it requires a certain amount of preparation. Here are the important things every mom should do before Monday to prepare for a successful week.

How to prepare for the Week 

Self- Care

 After a long week, I first like to hit the refresh button. Getting ready for the following Monday starts with self-care on Friday.  If your anything like me and you’ve had a long week, you deserve a little me time. I like to start my weekends with Friday night facials, soaking my feet in a foot bath, and reading a really good book.  One of the most important things any mom can do for herself is finding the time to take care of herself at least once a week.

Clean Your Home / Declutter your Space

Mondays will run smoothly if you start with a clean slate. I have found that when I take the time to declutter and organize my home on the weekends Mondays are a lot easier. Try decluttering and thoroughly cleaning your home on Saturday mornings. Start by getting rid of newspapers, putting things back in their rightful place, and clearing all surfaces.

Click here to learn how cleaning your home helps to clear your mind.

Plan Your Meals

when I was working a 9-5 I would always come home trying to figure what we were going to eat for dinner. I hated having to thaw out food at the last minute because I knew It would mean we were going to eat late, again. So Saturday after I finished cleaning the house I would sit down at the kitchen table with the weekly grocery store sale papers and look to see what foods are on sale for the week and create a weekly menu.

Searching the sales papers for weekly food deals is also a great way to save money on groceries.  Mondays are my busiest days of the week so I like to cook dinner using my slow cooker. While I am busy working and managing the kids, dinner is cooking without any effort on my part.  On your busiest days try slow cooker or air fryer meals that are easy and simple.

Wash Clothes and Pick Out Weekly Outfits

After church on Sunday or Saturday mornings while decluttering my home I like to wash clothes. I dread laundry because I have 4 children it seems like it is a never-ending mountain. However, one of the most important things every mom should do before Monday is to pick out clothes for the week. Creating a weekly wardrobe is crucial in how to prepare for the week.

Also if you can, iron your clothes for the week; that would be even more helpful to prepare you for a successful week.  Searching for clothes in the morning takes up a lot of time, and if you could spend more time praying or meditating in the morning you are sure to have better days!

Write Down Weekly Tasks and Appointments- 

Plan your week by writing down any upcoming appointments or tasks that need to be completed. Trying to remember what needs to be done during the week usually brings frustration and missed appointments. Take time on Sunday before bed to write down what Is most important during the week and plan out your days. 

I like to write down what time I am going to wake up, what meals we will eat and what needs to thawed out the night before, family time, and so much more. It helps me to control my days so that the day doesn’t control me.

Pray for a Good Week

After I have planned my week the final thing I like to do is pray over my plans. Take the time to pray over your week and ask God to cover your plans and allow things to run smoothly within your home. Praying brings a sense of peace to such a huge responsibility.

Mom-life is hard work, and many times you may feel overworked, but letting God in on our plans helps us to lean on Him for strength. When you pray ask God to give you supernatural strength, assist you in making hard decisions, and to give you rest for the week ahead.  The one thing I believe more than anything is that God has a plan, and although we don’t always know what those plans are we can rest assured of his promise that he created us for good works. 

You don’t have to wait to plan your week on Friday. Start now! Even if it’s the middle of the week start where you are. Leave me a comment below and share your ideas on things every mom should do before Monday.

May you find this post to be a blessing.

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