How To Be Productive Working from Home

Home is the place where you should feel most relaxed and at peace; but that can also create productivity challenges. Nothing is more soothing than the sound of water trickling down your home water fall or the slight smell of lavender burning in the diffuser. Those things are great when you’re getting ready for bed but they don’t necessarily help you get moving. Keep reading for my top tips on how to be productive working from home.

What is productivity? 

According to Pyschologytoday, Productivity is the ability for an individual to work efficiently within a specific time frame in order to maximize output.

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How Do I Make Myself Productive?

Make a To-Do List- To-Do List 

Declutter your mind and write out what things need to be accomplished for the day. This is the first and most important step in being productive at home and should not be skipped.

A to-do list should list every single task that needs to be done; don’t leave anything out. Even the smallest things like taking out the trash or cleaning out your purse should be listed. 

If you’re a mom, you know that at any point of the day you can abruptly get pulled to some disaster happening in the living room. Having a to do list helps you to pick up where you left off, without missing one beat. 

Prioritize Your List

Everything on your to-do list is not a priority, I cannot stress this enough. You’re a mom and there are always things that need to be done. Don’t stress yourself out on small things.  

One of the biggest productivity mistakes people make is starting with smaller task instead of starting with the most important task. 

The most important things should be done first. For example, I know you want to get those dishes washed and laundry folded but sending out those emails on an upcoming campaign is probably more important. 

Your To Do list should be listed in three categories. Urgent, Important, and Unimportant. 

Now I know what your thinking. Why would I list anything under Unimportant? 

Things listed under unimportant are for task that can be done at a later time. Although it can wait to be completed that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. 

Unimportant task can be done during down times, or in between times spent on the more important things. 

For example, taking out the trash is not as important as the campaign emails. So this can probably wait to be done when you have a little break in between. 

Create a Space Dedicated for Work

News Flash: Your bed is not a work space. Remember in the beginning when i said home is your place of peace? Well, that is your biggest enemy when it comes to being productive at home. 

Create a space dedicated specifically for work only. Even if its just a small little corner in your living room; sort of like the corner I’m working from now. 

Dedicated work areas are great for being productive at home. You tell your mind that this  is the area where you get stuff done. 

Keep this area clean and organized to maximize your creativity and productivity. 

Get Started 

Really, its just that simple; get started. I love the 5 sec rule for increasing productivity because it leaves no room to overanalyze or overthink about what needs to be done. The Nike slogan “Just Do It” is very powerful when it comes to productivity. 

If there is a task listed on your to do list that must get done, the only way to cross it off is to just do it. 

Action is the cure for indecison and postponement. No more postponing, get started now. 

How to measure Productivity at Home? 

Productivity at home can be measured by reviewing your fully completed task for the week. Do an overview of the things you were able to get done, and how long it took you to do it; somethings can possibly be done with less effort and sooner. 

The one thing that usually helps me is time blocking my task, so  that I don’t spend too much time doing just one thing. Be sure to focus on what is most important and you will increase your production. 

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Does Working From Home Increase Productivity? 

For some, working from home gives off a more relaxed environment; because working in the office can be more  stressful with time limited task and or micro managers. However, at home they are able to move at their own pace, and in an environment they are most comfortable with; therefore increasing their productivity. 

For others, home can be too relaxed. Working from home can also have its downfalls. For goodness sake you’re at home. 

Some people have a hard time working from home because of all the things that need to be done within the home and usually those task are unrelated to work. 

Home can be filled with many  distractions and if you aren’t disciplined enough to work from home, you  may find yourself catching up on tv episodes taking more naps, wasting time  on social media, or simply feeling too lazy to fully complete one task. 

How to Improve Productivity at Home 

You can improve your productivity at home by making sure you stay clear on what is most important. Don’t forget to create a list, prioritize, create a dedicated area to work, and the most important, get started. 

May you find this post to be a blessing. 

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