How to Boost Your Confidence with Perfume

How to Boost Your Confidence with Perfume

When I was in high school and leading all the way up to my first year in college, I use to wear a perfume called Heiress by Paris Hilton. I loved the way it smelled, and when I paired it with my coca butter lotion I would receive so many compliments on what fragrance I was wearing.  It was something about that scent that made me feel very confident every time I would put it on. Even now I find myself lingering a little too long in the perfume sections of ross and tjmaxx for a sent comparable to that one; and because your girl loves a good deal.  According to fragrance expert Danielle Fleming of Note Fragrances, “Aromas can enhance your mood and change your behavior”. So if you’re feeling a little down or less pretty than usual, here is how to boost your confidence with perfume.

What Is the Smell Study?

According to Wikipedia, the smell study or Aromachology is the study of the influence of odors on human behavior and to examine the relationships between feelings and emotions.

Odors can stimulate brain sensors to alter your mood. Certain scents can be used to induce the feelings of happiness and joy.

Aromachologist study the relationship of psychology and fragrance; and the diversity of emotions it projects.

What Are the Benefits of Perfume?

Perfume has so many different benefits that can trigger bodily influence. While many people use perfume to simply smell good, others may use it for things like aromatherapy or to soar confidence.

Not only does perfume make you feel attractive it can also create sensual emotions and be used as an aphrodisiac; making it perfect for the bedroom! Lastly, perfume can trigger memory.

Now for those women who have many things on their to do list and need a pick me up, perfume is a great way to also help you stay motivated.

Perfume Scents that Boost Confidence


Vanilla is a sweet and soothing scent.

Women can use vanilla to relieve stress and promote relaxation; perfect for restlessness.

Vanilla is great for confidence because it has a comforting smell. I recommend pairing vanilla with lavender to enhance confidence.


Cirtus scents are one of my favorite fragrances; I love fruity perfumes.  Not only does it smell delicious, but it can be very uplifting if sprayed on specific parts of your body.

Try perfumes with scents like tangerine, lemon and orange to clarify and cleanse your mind.

I would recommend using citrus with rosemary to boost your self-confidence.

 Ylang Ylang

Ylang-Ylang has an amazing floral scent. Researchers have found that ylang ylang is great for reducing depression and improving anxiety.

Believe me nothing works better than ylang ylang right before a public speaking engagement.

I suggest pairing ylang ylang with jasmine for an ultimate confidence booster.

How to Apply Perfume

For those of you who don’t know, perfume is triggered by body heat, and if sprayed correctly, it can be very beneficial to soar your confidence.

There is something called pulse points or pressure points on your body that can activate perfume; this is because absorption is more effective in these areas.

Pulse points are areas on your body you can easily feel a pulse. If sprayed on the pulse points or warm parts of your body the scent will activate, allowing you to smell the scent and stimulate your brain sensors to boost confidence.

 Here are areas where you can spray your perfume for the best results:

  • On Your Neck
  • On Your Inner Wrist
  • On Your Inner Elbow
  • Behind Your Ear
  • Behind Your Knees
  • On Your Ankles

Perfume Extender

When you wear perfume, you want it to last as long as possible. Perfume can last around four to six hours and usually has to be reapplied for a full days work.

Perfume also tends to dissolve much faster when your skin is dry.  Depending on the strength of the perfume you are wearing the length of time it will last may differentiate.

However, there are certain way to extend your perfume for an extended boost of confidence.

  • Apply lotion before applying perfume– as I stated previously I like to apply perfume with my coca butter lotion for maximizing the fragrance.
  • Layer Products from the same line of perfume– For the best results, use the product line body wash and apply the lotion to damp skin, and then apply the perfume.
  • Re-apply Throughout the day– Purchase travel size bottles of perfume for on the go, reapplying your perfume during the day is a perfect confidence booster.

Best Perfumes for Boosting Confidence

boost confidence

Girl of Now Forever Elie Saab Le Parfum

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Intense Eau De Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum

Sarah Jessica Parker Born Lovely Eau de Parfum

Prada La Femme by Prada for Women Eau de Parfum

Girl, remember the scent you wear is a form of your inner expression. It can either match your mood or change your mood. Always, pick perfumes based on your bodies chemistry and slay the day.

May you find this post to be a blessing!

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