How to Refresh Old Goals for the New Year

How to Refresh Old Goals for the New Year

There is no better time than now to refresh old goals for the new year. It’s the beginning of the year which means your hopes are high and you are feeling motivated to restart an old goal.

How many times have you heard people say this is going to be my year? Or, new year new me… unfortunately it isnt the change of a new year that brings new results it’s when we change our mindset that brings a different result!

How many times have we set out to accomplish something in the new year and by March or April we’ve forgotten all about it? Heres why..

Usually when we go into a new year, we go straight to I’m going to wake up at 4am, I’m going to work out for a 30 mins a day, I’m going to fast for 6 hours every week etc..

However, we haven’t programmed ourselves in the previous year to automatically do those things without much effort. So from January to February we are consistently going after our goals and then something distracts us and we get off track.

Year after year after year we set intentions to do something big, but we cant follow through til December. The cycle stops here.

How to Reset for the New Year

Assess Your Goals

Make your goals realistic. Often times we try to go straight to our ultimate goal instead of creating realistic milestones that lead to what we ultimately desire.

Start by breaking down your goals into smaller achievements. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

Get Consistent

 In order to get good at anything you have to do it again and again until you start to see results.  Girl even if you’re trying to lose weight and you dont she’d any pounds but you lost inches KEEP GOING!

I however, can understand how hard it is not to stare at the scale once you’ve worked out for only week and you still haven’t lost 1 single pound.

Continue working on your goal everyday, even on the days you don’t feel like it. Consistency is the mother of all achievements, and take it from me, without her you never win.

Get Clarity

 What is your why? What is so important about this goal that you must achieve it?

Knowing your why and being very clear on it helps you to be more intentional when going after your goals. We often spend so much time doing unnecessary things that don’t ultimately lead to the results we want.

Let me give you an example, In the beginning of the year many people sign up for gym memberships and spend lots of time and money looking for the perfect workout gear but then they never go.

The truth is most people haven’t identifed their why and after while the goal of losing weight isn’t at the top of our “must do list”.

Most people are looking to lose weight in the beginning of the year but they don’t know why they want to lose weight. Maybe it is for health reasons, to fit in a certain dress for a class reunion, or to run a marathon; identifying your why gives you the clarity you need to refresh old goals for the new year.

Develop a Winners Mindset

Winners never quit and quitters never win; unless you stopped smoking cigarettes. Developing a winners mindset is key if you want to refresh old goals for the new year.

I for one would like to stop writing down the goal of becoming a vegetarian; knowing good and well I love bacon too much. Winners keep going even when things are tough. One way to developing a winners mindset is to take it one day at a time.

We often try to fight  a years worth of battles in a few days; ok im exaggerating but still. Start by fighting ONLY todays battles; because tomorrow never comes. 

Refresh Old Goals for the New Year 2021

Although starting over isn’t easy, you aren’t necessarily starting from zero. Having already experienced set backs, and failed attempts, you know exactly what didn’t work for you and what adjustments need to be made in order to accomplish those old goals.

After eliminating what doesn’t work, focus on the things that worked and start from there. The ultimate goal is to finish, and the only way to finish is to get started.

Assess the areas where you fell off track and plan a strategy to achieve your goals.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to refresh old goals for the new year. It’s time to crush your goals and make this year the best year you’ve ever had.

Restart and refresh your new years resolution to better yourself with the mindset of a winner and fight to get the job done. Honey, those old goals don’t stand a chance this year.

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