Start Today: Take Action and Overcome Your Fear

Action is defined by a rhythmic movement, occurring regularly. However fear is an emotion that’s causes immobility. The art of overcoming fear is mastered in  doing the opposite of what scares you. In this post I will discuss how to take action and conquer fear. 

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How I Overcame Fear and Anxiety 

At the age 14 I was involved in a bike accident that resulted in a broken leg and hip; plus an emotional scar that would last  me until my early 30s. 

I went years without ever touching a bike, even the thought of riding a bike again would bring up unwanted memories of blood running down my face or the thought of strange people standing around me calling for help! 

After years of vowing to never ride a bike again, I finally decided to ride bikes with my husband in Indianapolis on a business trip. My heart was beating as fast as it could, without passing out.      It was the worst and yet the best decision i had ever made.

 If  the feeling of being scared and liberated all at the same time was a “thing“, this moment would define it. 

The one thing that scared me the most could only be conquered by taking action. And not just any action, the action that immobilized me. I chose not to ride a bike for years because I was afraid of that 14 yr old girl getting hit by a car again. 

In order to overcome fear in life you have to take the action you are most afraid of. Doing the thing that you fear, could be the defining moment between you and your most wildest dream. 

Why Do I Fear Taking Action? 

According to verywellmind, all fears may not be the result of a traumatic experience; such as the one I discussed earlier. 

Fear can be triggered by:

  • Imagined events 
  • Future events 
  • The unknown
  • Environmental Dangers or
  • Certain Situations

However, majority of people today that are afraid of taking action are afraid of failing. Moreover, it is very unhealthy to visualize a negative outcome that has not occurred in real-time. 

The action required to conquer your fear my seem intimidating at first, but once you have begun the process it can  turn out to be quite pleasant. 

Your Failure to take action may be the result of overthinking or procrastinating to keep from starting. 

The perfect antidote to overcoming fear is taking massive action. 

The Best Actions To Take To Eliminate Fear 

Make Decisions Quickly 

Mel Robbins’, The 5 Second Rule, is such a powerful book and tool to use when you’re trying to overcome fear. in the book, Mel mentions her life before she discovered the five sec rule and the impact it made on her and her marriage. 

Interesting enough, the five second rule is the perfect strategy to over come fear and take action. To make a decision quickly, the rule suggest that you should count to 5 and without thinking to just get up and start. 

Before allowing your mind to analyze and make a valid excuse, the rule puts you right into taking action. 

Stop Over-Analyzing 

Over Analyzing can severely paralyze your ability, leaving you feeling stuck. Many people who over analyze or overthink, can’t make decisions quickly and may also suffer with anxiety. 

Over Analyzing or over thinking  is the act of spending too much time reading between the lines and less time taking action  toward the end result. 

Thinking too much and for too long only creates more doubt and worry within yourself. Girl, Start today, take action and overcome your fear. 

Visualize Positive Outcome 

As I stated in the beginning, negative visualization and programming, predicts a negative outcome; convincing yourself that worst has already taken place.

 Although that is far from the truth, the brain is a powerful organ and uses memory to protect us in the presence of danger or harm. 

Visualization and Meditation can be used to overcome fears by mindfully focusing on the result you wish to happen. Practice visualizing yourself enjoying the act of what you may be afraid of. This practice will teach the brain to reduce sensory that protect us in harmful situations. 

Overcome The Fear 

Don’t let fear keep you from living the life you wish was possible. The best decision you can make is to conquer what scares you. 

You could be one moment away from doing something you never knew you could. Whether, you are experiencing fear because of a tramatic experience, or an imagined event, if you take action your biggest challenge can become your greatest achievement. 

Start today, take action and overcome your fear. 

May you find this post to be a blessing.

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