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Stop Putting Others Before Yourself and Make Time for You as a SAHM

As stay at home mothers, we don’t always make time for ourselves. Often enough we tend to over work ourselves to compensate for the guilt we feel, believing we need to do more because we chose to stay home. Don’t let another day go by before you decide to stop putting others before yourself and make time for you as a stay at home mom.

What Do Stay at Home Moms Do?

A woman deciding to become a homemaker, housewife, or stay at home mom in today’s society is overlooked and commonly disapproved.

You may hear opinions of others telling you things like, you just sit home and do nothing or you’re wasting your life, you should get a job.

Although, contrary to what many people assume, stay at home moms, homemakers, and housewives are the primary home managers and do a lot more than sit on couches, play with children, and wipe butts everyday.

Stay at home moms have full lists of errands and tasks running through her heads, and if there was anything on the list pertaining to herself ,she is usually somewhere closer to the bottom.

Why Do Moms Put Themselves Last?

For so many generations, mothers all over the world  have been taught to take of their family; i.e husband, children, household, before taking care of themselves.

Sadly, in todays society the well being of the family is directly linked to the mother. Whether she keeps a clean house, how well her children look, and making  sure she can make delicious home cooked meals is said to be her main focus.

Unfortunately, this only means that after everyone else has been taken care of, whatever time is left belongs to her.

 Furthermore, many stay at home moms are missing personal care like everyday showers, dental appointments, doctors visits, and sleep.

The rise of anxiety and depression in stay at home moms can be linked back to sleep deprivation, poor hygiene, and lack of social interaction.

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Do Mothers Need A Break?

Every single mother needs to take a break. Being a stay at home mom is a 24/7 responsibility with no paid time off. Not one mother can successfully run errands all day, cook, clean, and actively raise her children without taking a break.

Girl, you aren’t a robot, you’re a human being; stop putting yourself last.

 Whatever chore or errand that so desperately needs to be completed, can wait until you’ve mentally recharged yourself. Sidenote: Don’t be afraid to say NO.

Why Is It Important For Moms to Take Care of Themselves?

As I stated previously, much of the household depends heavily on the wife or mom managing the home. If the mom/manager doesn’t take care of herself , how can she affectively take care of the household responsibilities without bitterness.  Usually moms will start to break down mentally before seeing physical or social changes if they aren’t taking care of themselves.

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10 Ways to Put Yourself First as a Stay at Home Mom

  • 1. Don’t Skip Showers- Showers are super important in motherhood. Showers can reduce depression and anxiety and are perfect to help reduce feelings of overwhelm in stay at home moms.  
  • 2. Get Out Of Your Pajamas- Although you are home, you don’t have to look like you just rolled out of bed. Start each day by changing out of your pajamas and putting on an outfit that will help you feel good about yourself.
  • 3. Drink Water- The recommended amount of water to drink in a day is  8-10 Cups.  Most people don’t understand the power of water. Not drinking enough water a day can cause dehydration and lead to lack of energy.
  • 4. Get Moving- Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Early mornings or during your childs nap is the perfect time to work out and get your body moving.
  • 5. Take a Multivitamin B6 and B12  to Boost Energy
  • 6. Say No– Its just as simple as that; Just say No. Too Often we feel guilty because we feel like we have to be everything to everyone, and that only means that we become nothing to ourselves. Take it from me, make yourself happy first.
  • 7. Take a 1-2 hour break daily- Treat homemaking as you would a typical  working job. Take time during the day to take a break, and rest up for the remainder of the evening responsibilities.
  •  Do what ever you like during this time alone, however I would suggest turning off your phone, not scrolling through social feeds, and actually mentally reset for one hour a day. Try Journaling, Mid Day Meditation and Prayer.
  • 8. Eat while your food is still hot- One of the biggest mistakes I have made  is poor eating habits.
  • Certain habits like, not eating while the food is still hot, or eating while standing up, and even eating on the go. Give yourself the decency to sit down and actually enjoy your meal.
  • 9. Get rid of Mom Guilt – Mom guilt will suffocate you, if you let it.
  • Sometimes mom guilt can make you feel like you aren’t a human being; and you shouldn’t feel certain ways about motherhood, or being a stay at home mom.
  • You may experience thoughts like, you should be grateful you have a spouse that works so you can stay home, or some women cant even have children be happy you were able to have kids.
  • Don’t let mom guilt keep you from speaking up for yourself, or doing what you love. .
  • 10. Learn to Set Boundaries- Teach your children to be more independent as they get older. and create a space between you and them that demonstrates personal priority.  
  • Whether your children sit and wait for you to finish using the bathroom before walking in, or allowing you to eat all your food before serving them seconds, you are also important and should ask others to treat you accordingly.


Don’t let your responsibilities get in the way of you taking good care of yourself.

Start by putting yourself at the top of your to do list, and don’t be ashamed if you have to say no to things that don’t make you happy.

Be more intentional with your life and make yourself a priority every day.   

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