Super Simple Tips for Vaginal Hygiene in Marriage

Super Simple Tips for Vaginal Hygiene in Marriage

Nothing kills a good marital vibe like fishy odor and yeast infections. In marriage, we as women like to be confident in ourselves and our relationship.  However, with so many things are our to-do list, self-care isn’t always the number one priority, though it should be. Wives, how can you properly take care of the people around you if you have not been taking good care of yourself? Sexual Intercourse is a major factor in marriage, and if your V is under construction there might be a little tension around the house.  When you are confident in your “V”, can’t nobody tell you nothing honey! All you need is a few simple tips for vaginal hygiene in marriage to help you slay your marriage like a boss.

The Lysol Vaginal Disinfectant of the 1900’s

Vaginal Disinfectant? Yes! That’s what I said. During the 1900s, Lehn & Fink marketed a vaginal douche product called Lysol to protect the “daintiness” of a woman.

Today, we use Lysol to clean and disinfect surfaces all throughout our homes. So why were women using a household cleaning product to disinfect their vaginas?

Women used Lysol to clean their vaginas of odor and infections because it was negatively affecting their marriage.

Most women during this time were “homemakers” or in todays term stay at home wives, who like many of us are trying to find balance between the 3cs; cooking, cleaning, and children. Apparently, self-care in the 1900’s wasn’t a “thing”!

Husbands were disgusted with their wives “feminine odor” and some men began committing adultery with women outside their marriage.

After a Lysol changed their formula, women began to experience severe vaginal burns, infertility, and even death.

Can you imagine dying trying to save your family because of a vaginal odor?

 Girl, some things just aren’t meant to be and Lysol vaginal disinfectant was one of those things. However, vaginal hygiene is still negatively affecting marriages today.

What is Personal Hygiene?

Personal Hygiene is simply how you care for your body. Wives can practice personal hygiene by showering regularly, brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and washing your hands frequently; among other things.

Women are mostly affected with vaginal odors and infections due to not properly cleansing after having sexual intercourse with their husbands and wiping in the wrong direction.  

Your “V” is an extremely sensitive opening and should be properly cared for.

How Important is Vaginal Hygiene in a Relationship?

Vaginal Hygiene is extremely important in any relationship and marriage. Vaginal hygiene can cause lack of self-confidence, not only in the bedroom but in public also.

Wives with vaginal infections can experience things like dryness, itching, and discharge.

Girl, who wants to make love with an itchy dry vagina? Not to mention how uncomfortable and awkward things may be for your husband.

In marriage, sexual intercourse is such a huge part for most men and not being able to enjoy their wife intimately may cause major frustration.

How Do I Explain Vaginal Hygiene to My Spouse?

Be very honest with your spouse. Although explaining why you are declining sex to your husband may go in one ear and out the other, its important for your own safety!

The key is to pinpoint what is causing the vaginal hygiene issue, so you can better explain what changes your body is making.

Super Simple Vaginal Hygiene Tips

  1. Shower After Sex– Male semen can alter the pH balance of a woman’s vagina, and cause things like UTIs and Yeast Infections. Not properly cleansing after having sex puts you in position for bad bacteria to enter in and cause triggering vagina issues. Now girl I know you want to cuddle up, and sleep like a little bear cub under the arms of your husband, but getting out of the bed to wash with mild soap and  warm water will save you trips to the doctor and the pharmacy. You can thank me later!
  2. Visit Your OBGYN Regularly– Many times there are things going on down there that we ignore or try to treat on our own that may need to be flagged. Depending on other body issues you may have, not regularly visiting the doctor may be more devastating than inconvenient.
  3. Wash Undergarments in a Fragrant Free Detergent– Nothing gives me an itch like harsh color-dyed detergents. Laundry detergents like All Free and Clear are perfect for your sensitive body parts.
  4. Take a Probiotic Vitamin– Probiotics don’t kill or treat vaginal infections. However, they aid in maintaining a good vaginal pH balance which can make you less prone to vaginal odor and infections. Probiotics can also restore your body’s good natural bacteria levels.
  5. Wear 100% Cotton Underwear– Cotton is a breathable fabric and can help your vagina breathe. Girl, I love silk panties too, but its not an everyday type of fabric. Fabrics that aren’t breathable trap moisture and can encourage the growth of vaginal bacteria.
  6. Healthy Diet– Have your ever heard that you are what you eat? Very acidic foods, can alter the smell of your urine and discharge, leaving you with a smelly “V”.  

Girl, your marriage is very dependent on how you care for yourself. They say Happy Wife Happy Life, I Say Happy “V”, Happy “D”!

May you find this post to be a blessing!

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