Top Secrets for Successful Remote Learning at Home

Top Secrets for Successful Remote Learning at Home

If you are anything like me, you did not see this coming! Welcome to remote learning university where the parents have absolutely no idea how they are going to work and teach at the same time! Typically, parents would pack a healthy lunch the night before and drop their kids off to school the next morning and ask them about their day once they returned home. But after a forceful switch to remote learning, parents are now trying to figure out how to make this school year a successful one. Girl, I always talked about homeschooling my children, but I did not think it would feel like an unexpected pregnancy. However, whatever is thrown at us, we as women will figure it out, because that’s what we know how to do. After making the switch earlier this year I learned the top secrets for successful remote learning at home. So, you know I had to share it with you…  

What is Remote Learning?

Remote learning, or as some of you may know it, distance learning is when a student and teacher are not in person but are still able to learn and teach from a distance, outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Students can be schooled from the comfort of their own home, using technology. High Speed Internet and some type of computerized device is typically all that is needed for remote learning.  

Teachers can connect with parents and students through video conferencing, online evaluations, and discussion boards.

Best Remote Learning Devices

Check you child’s school to see if your child is eligible to receive a remote learning device. Note: headphones are not electronic devices, however they are great additions to reducing distractions and outside noises.

If your child is not eligible for receiving a learning device, here are some options:




Top Secrets for Successful Remote Learning at Home

Set up a Designated Workspace

Create a space in your home specifically for remote learning. A Designated area in your home should be clean and quiet, giving your child the opportunity to focus and be free from any distractions. Also, create a space conducive for memory retention and concentration by playing softly played piano or classical music.

If you are in a small apartment and limited on space, Chinese dividers can be used to separate the child from other parts of your home.

Create a Morning Routine

Routines are important for remote learning. Although your child will be learning from home this school year, mornings are the defining part to their day.

 I would suggest you treat remote learning as a normal in-person school day and require them to change out of their pajamas, pray before class, and eat a healthy breakfast to start the day.

Try incorporating positive affirmations to be listened to during breakfast. Remember this is just as much new and frustrating for them as it is you.  

Helpful Tip:  Allow your child to pack their lunch the night before and store it in the refrigerator.

This tip makes lunch time a breeze for you as the parent, allowing you to get other things done during that time.

Practice Effective Communication with Your Childs Teachers

 Teachers aren’t able to physically work one on one with your child like they would in a classroom, so effective communication is important.

Share certain areas of concern as well as areas where your child Is showing significant improvements. We use an app called class dojo to stay connected with our child’s teacher.

Learn the Virtual Platform

This was a bit of a learning curve for me in the beginning. When my daughter finished her work for the day, I would stick around and learn the virtual platform.

 It helped me to address many issues my daughter was having, who was only in kindergarten at the time.

Learning the virtual platform allowed me to be more effective in making sure she was completing her work and uploading assignments properly.

Create a Reward System

Reward systems are perfect for remote learning at home! It is hard for us as parents to sit at a corporate desk for hours, imagine how your 6 yr. old feels.

Even in corporate America there was always some team goal you are trying so desperately to hit. Creating a reward system will help your child reach for a perfect score while hitting some sort of incentive for being such a trooper during a world-wide pandemic.  

Strive to make remote learning from home fun, the kids will thank you later.

Allow Your Child to Take Small Breaks

As an adult I can understand how boring it must be for my child to have to learn from home; and not being able to share markers and smelly crayons with her friends.

In order to integrate fun into remote learning at home, I gave her small breaks to do something she enjoyed rather than sit and stare at a computer all day. She had the opportunity to play with block, dolls, or do a puzzle.

She was given 10-15 mins breaks, 2 to 3 times during a school day. This however did not include her lunch time or fun outside.

Try not to be so hard on yourself if things aren’t going your way in the beginning. It may take some time for both you and your child to adjust.

However, with repetition, sticking to  a routine can make remote learning at home a breeze. If you have any additional secrets for remote learning at home, please feel free to comment below. Share the wealth momma.

May you find this post to be a blessing.

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